compact list object in a tidy dataframe


I have a list object (results) and am trying to compact it in a tidy data frame. But I am not sure how to achieve that.

Below the link of dput output of my list object results
Thanks in advance
compact_listtodf.pdf (228.6 KB)

No dput output was included in this post.

could not paste the entire output so I share the link the output script

dput output

This file requires permission to access it.

If your dput output is too large for this forum, it's probably too large to use as an example (there's lots of folks here who are keen to help, but large and complex examples of your problem make it harder for folks to quickly replicate your issue and offer advice).

I'd encourage you to form your question into a reproducible example, we often call this reprex for short.

I have a list object (results) and am trying to compact it in a tidy data frame. the nested has this structure [[2]][[9]][[3]][[3]]

[[varying from 1to nsim][[varying from 1 to 9]][[varying from 1to 3]][[varying from 1to 3]]

each of the nsimx9x3x3 lists has a length of 26. thus my the dimension of dataframe should ben nrow =nsimx9x3x3 et ncol = 26.

Thanks in advance

This is at least the 2nd time you've been asked your questions as a reproducible example.

When seeking coding advice, it takes a lot of time for people to help when you don't provide a minimal reprex either setting up your problem, or reproducing the error you're facing. From experience, it's sometimes the difference between taking a few minutes to answer your question to taking a half-hour or more. When it takes a lot of time to answer a question, you'll find folks are far less likely to give advice, particularly in code form.

You also appear to be ignoring the advice you receive from folks here regarding improving the way you ask questions. This is generally considered rude.

Let me know if you have questions about setting up this question as a reprex.