conditionalPanel does not work anymore on first attempt

In my shiny webapp I put some conditionalPanel in various tabPanel like this:
On UI side:

tabPanel("Loading & parsing samples", 
                         condition = ("output.load_panelStatus"),
                         h3("Push to get some summaries of the samples loaded"), 

On server side

observeEvent(eventExpr = input$runLoad, {
      output$load_panelStatus <- reactive({input$load_panelStatus=="show"})
      outputOptions(output, "load_panelStatus", suspendWhenHidden = FALSE)
      print("Parsing process ends")
      output$console_output_pre <- renderPrint("parsing process ends")

Strangely enough this worked perfectly up to some two days ago but now (even when I test it on my old source versions) I have to press twice the runLoad button in order to let UI showing the remaining of the output (the h3("") statement and all the rest of the output ...). In the meantime I only performed only some package update but nothing that should affect the shiny app... (at least I guess)

I wander if somebody else has met recently this type of problem and in case:

which is the best way to initialize all this output control and to flush any actionButton?

The problem was on shinycssloaders package. The new version 0.3.0. does not work properly

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