Conducting Literature Review in R

Hey y'all,

Hope you are doing well in these interesting times! I am currently searching for a way to conduct a literature review in R on small-scale fisheries. I have a total of 432 papers in my bibliography and I have 3 keywords that I need to search for with "co-enforcement", "co-management", and "enforcement". With some sort of script in R, I need to be able to see what each paper has in terms of these keywords. After going through the entire list of papers, I would like to be able to export the results in an easy to read fashion either in a .txt file or in a .csv file. Does anyone have any leads on how to start this task?

This lends itself to the tools of the tidytext package. In NLP (natural language processing), your bibliography is a corpus and it's text can be organized at various common levels down to individual words (tokens). Data structures with tokens can be easily searched for key words or key words in context (KWIC) or proximity to other key words. The infrastructure avoids having to do a brute force search with tools such as the stringr package.

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