Configuring R Studio with GitHub


I'd like to link R Studio with my GitHub account. I have some instructions from a Git Hub repository, but I'm stuck on the first step. For example, the "environment" pane in the instructions has a "Git" tab. I have only a "connections" tab (In addition to history & environment). I have up-to-date versions of R, R Studio and Git.

Can anyone direct me to recent instructions for linking r Studio with GitHub or offer advice??

Thanks - - Mel


Hi @melcjr, yes, I believe you need to "tell" RStudio that your project is also a repo, these instructions may help:


Hi @melcjr, in addition to @edgararuiz's link, Jenny Bryan's happy git with R website also contains some great advice

Given the issue you describe it sounds like Chapter 13 might be particularly helpful


Thanks Edgar for the rapid response.


Thanks Mark especially for the rapid response.