Configuring RStudio User Profile to load specific R version and libraries

I'm running RStudio IDE in Chrome on a HPC (ie. a unix cluster) and I want to configure my user profile to automatically launch a particular R version (including the correct libraries) when I login. Which files need to be configured to achieve this goal? The HPC admins aren't much help.

I'm not sure if it's RStudio Desktop run with OpenOnDemand or something similar? Not RStudio Server?

Have you already seen this page? I expect it would work to add a line like

export RSTUDIO_WHICH_R=/usr/bin/R

in your startup file, typically ~/.bashrc

The exact path to the right version might be more tricky to find. In my case, I have to first load an R module to find those paths:

$ module load R
$ which R
$ ls /mypath/apps/hpc/software/R/
3.2.3-foss-2016b  3.3.3-foss-2016a  3.4.1-foss-2016b      3.5.0-foss-2016b-avx2  3.6.1-foss-2018b  4.1.0-foss-2020b
3.2.4-foss-2016b  3.3.3-foss-2016b  3.4.2-foss-2016b-fh2  3.5.1-foss-2018b       4.0.3-foss-2020b  4.2.0-foss-2020b

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