Configuring SSL Certificates in RStudio Server Pro

I am having problems with configuring SSL Certificates in RStudio Server Pro.

Here is the output of rstudio-server version: 1.4.1717 (Juliet Rose) for Ubuntu Bionic.

I followed these steps: Configuring SSL Certificates in RStudio Workbench - RStudio Documentation. I am aware that the description is for RStudio Workbench, not Rstudio Server Pro. However, I cannot find any help online that would be specific to RStudio Server Pro. Instead, a search brings up the information: "We have renamed RStudio Server Pro to RStudio Workbench" (RStudio Workbench - RStudio Documentation). Thus, I assume that I should follow the instructions for RStudio Workbench. Please correct me if this assumption is wrong.

Here is the error message that I receive.

sudo rstudio-server start
Error reading /etc/rstudio/rserver.conf: unrecognised option 'ssl-enabled'

It seems to refer to the second line of /etc/rstudio/rserver.conf (the first line is # Server Configuration File):


What is the correct way to configure SSL?

I am afraid this looks like you have downloaded the open source version of RStudio Server :sweat_smile: Which does not have the ssl-enabled option.

To configure, SSL, you will need to download RStudio Workbench (Pro version):

I hope that's helpful!! Version response for me with Workbench installed:

# rstudio-server version
1.4.1717-3 Workbench (Juliet Rose) for Ubuntu Bionic

EDIT: Also, welcome to RStudio Community!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you, @cole. I installed RStudio Workbench as outlined in step 2 of:
Everything is working fine now.

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