conflicts during tidyverse package installation

I am brand new to R, trying to install Tidyverse. After installing, when trying to load the Lubridate library, ,console looks like this (Iam not a programmer): Are these conflicts preventing the Lubridate library from loading? The code does not appear to execute.

x dplyr::filter() masks stats: :filter()
x dplyr::lag() masks stats: :lag()
Use the conflicted. package to force all conflicts to become errors

No, they are not. You can see the loaded packages with


and the attached (i.e. with library()) packages with


What is happening in that the package dplyr has functions with the same name as the package stats. R is saying that it will be using the dplyr functions by default in this session. If you need to use the stats function of the same name you can specify it by using:


Thank you! so much This is really helpful.

Got it. Thank you. Thank you. I truly appreciate it.

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