Connecting to Google Cloud SQL using a proxy with a key

I am trying to create a connection to Google Cloud SQL using a proxy with a key but the format of the connection string is giving me problems.

Is there anyone that has done this before that can provide me with some guidance?

I used the code below but can't workout where to include the proxy with the key? Think this is a stupid question but would like to get it to work as part of my data flow pipeline.

Where do I include the proxy and the key in the example as part of the documentation included below?

Load the DBI library


Helper for getting new connection to Cloud SQL

getSqlConnection <- function(){
con <-
username = 'username',
password = 'password',
host = '',
dbname = 'example'
) # TODO: use a configuration group group = "my-db")

this is an interesting challenge...

There are lots of different proxy methods. When you connect using other tools, how do you connect through your proxy and add a key? Are you using this: ?

Given your example I presume you are using the MySQL implementation.

The documentation shows that you can start a service locally that establishes connection to the cloud service and opens a local port. You then connect to the local port:

Can you make that work using the mysql command line syntax shown in the docs?

Hi JD,

I'm a bit out of my depth here.

I will go through the suggested material and see where that leads me.

Will revert soon.

Generally my approach to these types of things is to make sure I can connect using the method outlined in the provider documentation. If I can't do that then I debug that part first. After that's working then I try to get R connecting using a similar method. The principle is that you only want to be debugging one thing at a time or else you'll drive yourself mad.

Good luck and as you get more info, don't hesitate to circle back around with more questions!

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