Connection from Oracle to R doesn't work

Hello, , I have some problems connecting the R Studio with Oracle by OBDC. The laptop uses an OS Windows 10 Pro. I have tried many times with libraries: RODBC and DBI but the point is the concetions Works until you run the last sentence dataframe.

channel <- odbcConnect("TTT", uid="DWHGYS_VIS", pwd="DVIS123") -[quote="carlos_rc24, post:1, topic:20309, full:true"]

Hi, can anyone tell me how to make the connection from to a oracle database, I have used this string connection but I get a error

channel <- odbcConnect("TTT", uid="DWHGYS_VIS", pwd="DVIS123") --works
dataframe <- sqlQuery(channel, "

it doesn't work

please your hekp while searching in other comments!

Do you have the necessary Oracle drivers installed? See the requirements here:

I am suspicious that the connection from to Oracle will not work, since the Oracle client is almost certainly not installed. The RStudio Professional Drivers are installed on, but the Oracle client is not, so a connection to an Oracle database will probably not work.

That said, connections to other databases from are possible.

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