"Connections" pane shows weird results when connecting to a server



So, a weird thing is happening to my colleague. We have a similar setup, but once she gets connected to one of our SQL Servers, she doesn't see our databases or tables. She sees this:

When she runs sql queries within an Rmarkdown file, they execute fine.
What could be the problem?

cc @edgararuiz


Hey @taraas, I believe this is either an issue with encoding, or mismatched R package versions. Can you share with me the function call used to connect to the database, and also the sessionInfo()?



FWIW I had this issue yesterday on my Mac. I could connect but I got these same weird one letter tables. Looked exactly like what @taraas shows above.

My situation ended up being conflicting installs of unixODBC and some interplay between the database access packages (DBI, and odbc). I had to remove one of my conflicting unixODBC installs (Homebrew in my case). Which left me with a MacPorts install of unixODBC that seemed to be working. Then I had to remove DBI, and odbc form R.. and iir I blew up tidyverse too, although may not have needed to. Then I restarted my R session and rebuilt DBI and odbc packages. I was then, after a reboot, finally able to get stable access to my sqlserver.

I suspect, but cannot prove, that I had built different database access packages under differing configurations of unixODBC.

you mileage will vary...

I'm looking forward to when R Studio just ships with its own unixODBC stack.


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