Content of Rscript gone after updating

I was updating my Rstudio few days ago, to the latest version 2022-04-19, then I used the updated Rstudio to open my rscript which I saved it using the old version, all the content gone, blank white. All of my Rscript face the same problem, but I look at the size of the Rscript, it wasn't 0KB, which means the content is still in there, somehow it just won't pops up. I couldn't even save new Rscript, the size just keep remaining 0KB eventhough I press the save button.

Does someone knows how to fix this? Thanks in advance

I think you might be hitting this issue:

Can you confirm that you're using R 4.2 w/ a non-default encoding? You can also try a build of RStudio with the fix here:

Thank you for your reply, I've tried to reopen the script with encoding UTF-8 and the content reappear. I tried to choose "save with encoding" UTF-8, but when I reopen the script, the content went blank, and I have to reopen it with encoding UTF-8 again.

In the meantime, I am facing another problem, I open a new R script, type in a few codes or something and tried to save it. When I wrote on the 1 line, saved, the size of the script changes, normal. Second line, saved, the number of the size increased, normal. However when it comes to line 5-7, saved, the size turn back to 0 B ?????? I have no idea what is going on. I am feeling real depressed, I felt that this software is been giving me all kinds of problems since I updated it. :sob: :sob:


Did you try this suggestion ?

Thanks again, I solved it. I uninstall and reinstall it, but still have no idea why this didn't work a few days before. Anyway, problem solved, Rscript can open and save normally again without changing the encoding. Thank you very much for your help.

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