Continue execution of script despite disconnecting from RStudio-Server


I have recently started using a home server running the open version of RStudio-Server.

I'm studying machine learning, so my intent is to start executing a script by source(my.long.task.R). I'd like to disconnect my IDE from the server (ie shutdown my laptop) and have to code continue to run to completion, and then log in some hours later. My longest execution time to date is about 8hrs, but it will be getting much longer when I fully deploy the trained model, so I'd like to turn off my laptop &/or take it to uni and have the server continue to execute my code.

I'm having intermittent success starting a knit and returning, but if I source a document it seems to run the last line of code when I close the IDE tab, and stop running until I return. Often the code hangs and doesn't continue when I reconnect to the server.

I've set the session-timeout-minutes=0 in the config, but it still happens.

Is there some way around this? Can I set up RStudio-Server to continue to run a script whilst disconnected from the server?

Thanks for helping,

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