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Good morning. I have a question.

In R there is the possibility to define where a comment begins and where does it end without having to write "#" in each line?

for example in java you can use the two slashes // to comment on each line or you can put / * where the comment starts and * / where it ends.
Is there anything similar on R?

To my knowledge, R doesn't have an official multi-line commenting technique, but there are lots of workarounds listed in this thread:


As far as I know, there is no such possibility.

But if your problem is to type # in each line, then I can suggest there's two possible workarounds. Mind that these two are possible in Rstudio, and at least not in native R.

  1. You can write your multiline comments without #. Then select all these lines and use Ctrl + Shift + C to comment all these lines simultaneously.
  2. In editor, you can start the first line of your multiline comment by #'. Then, as you finish that line and continue to the next line by pressing Enter , #' will automatically appear in the next line and so on, until you remove it manually after the very last line of your comment.

Hope this helps.


I'm sorry for the repetition of same answer. I started typing before Mara posted, and didn't notice her post before publishing it. Sorry.

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