Control Chart with R | Extracting violation points reference from qicharts2

Looking for a way to use qicharts2 and be able to extract violation points reference back to dataframe.
Previous email thread Previous conversation, was highlighting what we can do in qcc packages using $violations, but not able to find similar feature on qicharts2.
Using calculated LCL will not work in scenarios like p chart with variable LCL.

If someone can shed a light on this really appreciate!

If you assign your call to the qic function to a variable, it will return a plot, and a dataframe with all the relevant info you need.
p <- qic(....) returns a list with a plot and dataframe
my_df <- p$data (extract the data with all the calculations)
my_df >%> select (x, y, sigma.signal) should give you the date, y value and any out of control points.

On my phone at the moment, so can't give precise info, but this should work..
I often take the results from the qic function and build my own plots in ggplot2 using this approach
Let me know how you get on

Thank you @johnmackintosh, was so happy to see the $data results. Exactly what I need!

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Great, glad to be of help :slight_smile:

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