conversion of selected rows in matrix in single digit

how i can change the 3 rows out of 10 row in data frame or matrix in single digit 3 such that 1 row means digit 1 and 2 rows mean digit 2 and row 3 means digit 3 please guide

Hi @Emmadadil!

Can you please compose a small, self-contained REPRoducible EXample (reprex) to illustrate your problem? It's difficult to understand precisely what you're asking from a verbal description, and it can come across as rude to expect your helpers to guess what you mean and come up with an example for you.

I think people here have explained to you about creating a reprex before. If there's part of the reprex process that you're stuck on or that doesn't make sense, please do ask a question about it :grinning:. We're happy to help you figure it out so that you can ask questions in a way that gets you better answers!

Not so fast! :grin: You can write down the code that sets up the object you want to start from, and you can create an example by hand that shows what you want to end up with.

Right now, it's difficult to understand exactly what you have in mind, so anyone who wanted to help would have to guess and possibly wind up having wasted their time if they guessed wrong — not an appealing prospect!

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