convert english number to persian (farsi) in r

I want to change enghish number to persian (farsi), but i dont know how to run.
I try below code but I did not consider the answer

convert_english_to_farsi<-function(x) {
  persian <- "\u0660\u0661\u0662\u0663\u0664\u0665\u0666\u0667\u0668\u0669\u06F0\u06F1\u06F2\u06F3\u06F4\u06F5\u06F6\u06F7\u06F8\u06F9"
  english <- "\U0030\U0031\U0032\U0033\U0034\U0035\U0036\U0037\U0038\U0039\U0030\U0031\U0032\U0033\U0034\U0035\U0036\U0037\U0038\U0039"
  return(chartr(english,persian, x))

And when I executed the function to convert numbers to Persian, I got this error:

> convert_english_to_farsi(2345)
[1] "H‎!ë„\001"

A quick internet search turned up this,

The package is not on CRAN but should be available in the archives.

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