Converting “C50 models” to “rpart” models

I am trying to see if there is a way to use the "rpart.plot" library to plot objects that do not belong to "rpart" (used for making 'decision trees').

For instance, here is the classic "rpart" and "rpart.plot" library in action:

#load libraries

#load data

#fit rpart model (i.e. decision tree)
    r = rpart(Species ~., data=iris)

#plot model

enter image description here

Problem: I am working on a multi-class classification problem (like the example above - I just illustrated this with the famous "iris dataset") where "rpart" is taking too long to run (I waited 10 hours and the "rpart" code still did not run).

However, I found another library in R called "c50", which is able to instantaneously create a similar model:

#load library 

#run same model
tree_mod <- C5.0(x = iris[, -5], y = iris$Species, rules = TRUE)

#view model


enter image description here

Question : Is there anyway to use the "rpart.plot" library with objects from the "C50" library?

For example:

#my attempt

Error in rpart.plot(tree_mod) : Not an rpart object

My idea: It is possible to extract the distinct rules using the "C50" library :


Rule 1: (50, lift 2.9)
    Petal.Length <= 1.9
    ->  class setosa  [0.981]

Rule 2: (48/1, lift 2.9)
    Petal.Length > 1.9
    Petal.Length <= 4.9
    Petal.Width <= 1.7
    ->  class versicolor  [0.960]

Rule 3: (46/1, lift 2.9)
    Petal.Width > 1.7
    ->  class virginica  [0.958]

Rule 4: (46/2, lift 2.8)
    Petal.Length > 4.9
    ->  class virginica  [0.938]

Similar rules can also be extracted from the "rpart" library:


    Species  seto vers virg                                               
     setosa [1.00  .00  .00] when Petal.Length <  2.5                     
 versicolor [ .00  .91  .09] when Petal.Length >= 2.5 & Petal.Width <  1.8
  virginica [ .00  .02  .98] when Petal.Length >= 2.5 & Petal.Width >= 1.8

It it somehow possible to "reformat the rules" from the "C50" library in such a way that they become compatible with "rpart.plot"?


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