Converting chr to Date

I am trying to convert a date column which is chr and is like

1/2/2019 or m/d/y

So I tried this code

as.Date(supsale$Date,format = %y-%m-%d)

But it just comes back with

Error: unexpected SPECIAL in "as.Date(supsale$Date, format = %y-%"

This is my dataset -

What am I doing wrong?

You just need to specify the correct format within as.Date():

as.Date("1/2/2019", "%m/%d/%Y")

You've currently told it to look for dashes (-) and you're feeding it slashes (/) - I think that's what''s causing that error message.

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Thanks for your reply.

But I am still getting the same error message

Error: unexpected SPECIAL in "as.Date(3/12/2019, %m/%"

Make sure you use keep the quotes!

as.Date("1/20/2019",format = "%m/%d/%Y")

works, whereas

as.Date("1/20/2019",format = %m/%d/%Y)

will result in the error message you're getting.

Hi Darya,

Thank you, it worked but now all my data in the date column has become NA, instead of giving me a date format?

Would you happen to know what Ive done wrong?

It's hard for me to help without a reprex (reproducible example). To get one from your dataset, I recommend doing the following:

  1. Install the datapasta library
  1. Do the same thing with your data frame as is done in the mini-video under: Scenario 2: From R object to tibble with dpasta() heading here:

  2. Paste the output of that command below so I can re-create your object, and that might enable me to help.

Thank you Darya,

I will try my best as I am very new to R and even have trouble understanding packages.

The lubridate package has convenient functions to parse date strings.


date1 <- "1/2/19"
date2 <- "2019-01-02"
date3 <- "2/1/19"
date4 <- "1-2-2019"

#> [1] "2019-02-01"
#> [1] "2019-01-02"
#> [1] "2019-01-02"
#> [1] "2019-02-01"

#> [1] "Date"

Created on 2020-09-25 by the reprex package (v0.3.0.9001)

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