converting date column to index

i am facing an issue in converting the data frame of the data to desired data in which dates should come in as index. My data file has two columns - Date & Price
Am executing the following code-
data<- read.csv(" file path", header=T)
I want my final format of data frame : where my dates are index side & only one column of Price is there
I can convert the data frame into this format through Python, but am not able to do so in R.
is there is a simple command to do in R, as in the case of python
Kindly show a way to do so.

If you mean that you want Date values to be rownames, that's not usually a good idea, but it depends on what you want to do with Price.

To make the Date column into rownames, you can use

Data <- row.names(Data$Date)

Avoid using data or df as variable names because they are built-ins and some operations treat your object of those names as closures and throw an error.

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Sorry, I forgot to clarify earlier. Actually, i will be doing ARIMA modelling on this dataset. It is the price of a stock on a particular day. So I want my dataset to be in a time-series format where I will have only on column as price & dates as my row index. It's because then I can plot my dataset using dates/years on x-axis. Basically i want to have my data in this format-

There is also one more thing , as of now when i am importing my data in R. The date column is "chr" type.
Thanks for the tip, i would be not using df or data from now onwards.
Kindly help me in my problem, i hope that i have explained my question.

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For time series, forget about the date, column, just

myts <- ts(DF$Price, start = c(year,month), frequently = 12)
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Thanks for your reply, it cleared my doubt. :slightly_smiling_face:

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