copy and paste dataset is not working in

Hi Good Morning
In the local machine, I am able to copy from excel and paste it into my application using this code:
read.table(file = "clipboard", sep = "\t", header=TRUE)
but after publishing into, when I paste, the application gets disconnected.
could someone please explain and correct me where I am wrong?
Thank you very much in advance

Apps running on's servers do not have access to your local clipboard. While it might be technically possible to grant access to your local clipboard (with something similar to x11 forwarding trough ssh), I think it would require access to system configurations on the server side that are not available to end users in Although I might be wrong or uninformed.

Thank you for your response
I fixed it, now i am able to copy from excel and paste it in

  1. on ui side, copy from excel and paste it in textAreaInput .
    textAreaInput(inputId = "mdataset",label = "Dataset",height = 350,width = 700)
  2. on server side,
    if (length(input$mdataset)>0){
    aa <- input$mdataset
    bb<-data.frame(strsplit( aa[1],"\t|\n"))
    colnames(bb) <- c("first_column")
    cc <- data.frame(first_column=bb[-(1:8),])
    for (i in seq(from = 1, to = nrow(cc), by = ncol(mydata))){
    mydata <<- mydata%>%add_row(slno=cc[i,1],study = cc[i+1,1],year = cc[i+2,1],event_exp =as.numeric(cc[i+3,1]),tot_exp =as.numeric(cc[i+4,1]),event_ctrl =as.numeric(cc[i+5,1]),tot_ctrl =as.numeric(cc[i+6,1]),group_name =cc[i+7,1])

for this example, excel table and the mydata dataframe should have these 8 columns, then this code will exactly work
slno, study, year, event_exp, tot_exp, event_ctrl, tot_ctrl, group_name,

Your solution is a clever walk around but just to clarify to others reading this thread, you are no longer reading the clipboard from the server side, you are passing the information as plain text through an input and parsing it later.

yes, you are right. it is a work around without clipboard from local machine