Copy/cut/paste Ctrl-C not working properly

I am using Rstudio 1.1.447 on a Lenovo T470s, running Fedora 31

I noticed that since a few days - probably/maybe since the last Fedora update - Ctrl-C/Ctrl-X are not working anymore.
The only way to put something in the buffer is by using the Edit-menu. Once the buffer has content, I can use Ctrl-V to paste the content.

I have tried if other applications have the same problem but the problems are restricted to Rstudio.

Any clue?


Do you still see this in the latest RStudio release?

I can confirm this issue with RStudio 1.1.463 on Fedora 31. The bug appeared after upgrading Fedora from 30 to 31!
After updating RStudio to the latest Version 1.2.5019 the bug is resolved. Copy/cut and paste via ctrl+c or ctrl+x and ctrl+v works again as intended in the latest RStudio version.

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