copy/paste from Viewer

I've been using RStudio for years and never had this issue.
when I selected certain rows of my data in data Viewer (using View()), I could directly paste it in excel as it was tab spaced. Now, with the newest version of RStudio (1.3.1073) data is new line spaced. The great and useful feature is no longer available and it's causing me (lots of) pain. Is there any way around this?

Sorry your old workflow is interrupted.

I'm on the preview of v1.4 with R 4.0.2 and don't run into this issue. In excel, the text to column feature converts View output, tab-delineated, into a table just fine.
View is an R function and I don't think its' output has changed recently, RStudio shouldn't have anything to do with this issue.

As a shortcut, you can always save the table as csv?

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