Copy plot to clipboard window not resizing

Hi, I am working on rstudio for mac. I am trying to figure out how to copy plots that are bigger than the rstudio window I am working in. Currently, when I open the copy to clipboard GUI, if i set the height or width wider than the window it will automatically set it back to the max (this is different behavior than I observe with the "save to png" GUI, where setting the H or W out of bounds removes the image preview but retains the set values).

How to I fix this from happening?

If this is a situation where it is a feature and not a bug, then is there any way to write a function to copy to clipboard for mac? Currently the popular copy-to-clipboard function only works on windows because of the win.graph() command.

Ultimately I am just looking for a way to copy the fully rendered plot to clipboard and pasting it to ppt. I am tired of saving many intermediate plot files until i get the exact right dimensions that ggrepel() looks the way I want it to.

Thank you

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