copy shortcuts (control-V / control-C and command-C / command-V) don't work on Mac

I am on a Mac (BigSur), and I am using an external keyboard. On my operating system, I've changed the copy-paste commands to rely on control-C / control-V (like windows and linux) instead of command-C/command-V, since my external keyboard is not like a Mac keyboard.

Using control-C / control-V works really well on my Mac using other platforms like VSCode, my email, browsers, word, etc. But it doesn't work in R Studio Server. I tried to rebind the copy-paste commands in RStudio (Tools -> Modify Keyboard Shortcuts) but it won't give me the option to change copy or paste .

This is really slowing me down.

How can I get RStudio to respect my Mac's copy/paste mappings?? Instead, nothing works. Not command-C, not control-C. I have to highlight text, right click and then select 'copy' in order to copy.

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