Correlation matrix: How can I create a Matrix from a dataset which contain Correlation value?

I am new in this community and I am new in general in R.
I am trying to create a correlogram because I need a graphical illustration of my Correlation data.
I have the data in a csv format but these are not in a matrix format.
ex of data:
variable 1/ variable 2 = correlation coefficient(CC)
variable 1/variable 3= CC
variable 1/variable 4=CC.....
This is just a file with multiple columns.
So I need to have this file in a matrix format because as it is doesn't allow me to create the graph I need.

Any help would be much appreciated,

Thank you!

Hi Alex, did you try to import the csv file in R and to transform it in a matrix using as.matrix() function? That should work..

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