Could not fetch png resource created by magick in a child document

I've recently discovered child documents in Rmarkdown, which allows me to work on large analyses section by section. I am passing the rendered html document back to the parent with results='asis'

After some initial problems sourcing images, I discovered normalizePath() which allows paths me to find files regardless of whether the file is knit as a a standalone file during debugging or knit as a child eg

![(#fig:QC) text label](r normalizePath("../../data/myHtml)){width=100%}


However, I'm running into some issues with the magick package.

Everything works fine when it is run standalone as a child, but I run into problems when I run the .Rmd file from the parent.

After reading in the requested pngs and doing some manipulation, it dumps the final figure into the cache in myParent_files but then doesn't retrieve it from there.

Currently I've implemented a workaround where I save the file to a results directory and retrieve it with the above knit::include-graphics() command.

Is there a more elegant solution that does not involve an external file save?

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