Could not find data file templates\default.html when I knit rmarkdown

Hi, I've got this message when I try to knit a rmd file.

"output file:
"C:/Program Files/RStudio/bin/quarto/bin/pandoc" +RTS -K512m -RTS --to html4 --from markdown+autolink_bare_uris+tex_math_single_backslash --output test.html --lua-filter "\\UserProfiles$\user326\My Documents\R\win-library\rmarkdown\rmarkdown\lua\pagebreak.lua" --lua-filter "\\UserProfiles$\user326\My Documents\R\win-library\rmarkdown\rmarkdown\lua\latex-div.lua" --variable bs3=TRUE --standalone --section-divs --template "\\UserProfiles$\user326\My Documents\R\win-library\rmarkdown\rmd\h\default.html" --no-highlight --variable highlightjs=1 --variable theme=bootstrap --mathjax --variable "mathjax-url=" --include-in-header "F:\Users\user326\AppData\Local\Temp\RtmpC25zYR\rmarkdown-str1e0c51531e8a.html"
Could not find data file templates\default.html
Error: pandoc document conversion failed with error 97"

I've read this post on the same issue:

I'm working on a virtual machine in a Windows enterprise environment.
R version 4.2.1 is on drive C, but not writable. So, I have a .Rprofile on my personal documents folder, with this line:
.libPaths("//$/user326/My Documents/R/win-library")

Then, all R packages are installed in that folder, where I have permission to write. I suppose this is a very common situation. Do I have to resign myself to R markdown not playing well with this environment?

I believe this issue is due to network drive.

Can you map this network path on an unused drive Letter ?
That way the path would be from a letter like Z://...

Yes, that solved the problem. Thanks a lot!

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