COVID-19 Table Race - Table Contest Submission

COVID-19 Table Race

Authors: Niels van der Velden

Abstract: The app is a visualization of COVID-19 case levels by country over time, ranked by a selected metric. Using the time slider, you can select a point in time and see the relevant data. Pressing play cycles through the data from that point to the most recent data. The table dynamically updates with changes in ranking.

Full Description: The app was made using the R2D3 package and the D3.js library. Flexbox was used for the design of the table. The data comes from the COVID-19 R package and is continuously updated.

The D3.js library gives extended control over updating, entering and removing data selections. This allows for fast rendering speeds and the option to set transitions between data changes. This makes it possible to animate data over time (as illustrated in the app) or for instance to visualize sensory input data.


Note: The app runs on my own server as the R2D3 CRAN version is not yet compatible with D3.js version 6.

Table Type: interactive-Shiny
Submission Type: Single Table Example
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Other packages: R2D3