CRAN check note because of dead time API

While performing CRAN checks I get 1 NOTE:

N  checking for future file timestamps (927ms)
   unable to verify current time

I learned that that's the result of the check getting the current timestamp from this URL: The API is now dead and the CRAN check cannot succesfully complete.

What would be resolution of this issue? Should we wait till the API is up again? Meanwhile my CI pipeline is blocked, as I perform CRAN checks in it and only let packages with 0 errors, warnings and notes pass. I think it's a good moment for the CRAN (R?) maintainers to think whether it wouldn't be better to host the time checking API on their repository and not rely on unstable external resources.


I suspect this NOTE is probably spurious. Based on this previous community thread and this R-pkg-devel thread, I'd recommend disabling this check during your CI tests. You can do this by setting the environment variable _R_CHECK_SYSTEM_CLOCK_ to 0. Since this NOTE isn't specific to your package, I think it is safe for you to disable it.

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