CRAN is down: Does anyone here know more about it?

All CRAN websites seem to be down, e.g., or at least from where I am (Europe).

Does anyone here know more about it? If it is scheduled maintenance, how long will it last?
Thanks, Vincent

Yest it is, I tried to open but it doesn't work.

Use mirrors: see [Rd] CRAN webserver down and possible follow-up in that thread.

I want to submit a package to CRAN, I do not think you can do that via CRAN mirrors.

So please wait patiently until regular service is resumed. Visit CRAN Repository Policy for an email query address, but recall that now is Sunday afternoon in Vienna. Planned outages are publicised well in advance, so this may need care to check through before bringing servers back on line.

"The sysadmins are aware (they have a monitor service), but attempts to
restart Apache remotely failed. So hopefully this will work again in
working hours in Austria tomorrow."

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For those wondering about CRAN mirror addresses, the google cache of the CRAN mirrors page is here:

And there is a global cache that can be found here: (thanks @stevenolen )

Back on line

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Not entirely, when I go to the package submission page I see:

Just to clarify, this is not a rant. I am only sharing my observations in the hope that it is of any help to those who work on the issue.

Edit: I just sent a notification email to

And that site certificate expired at midnight last night – suspiciously close to the downtime. Perhaps something to do with the renewal of the certificate?

Patience is key, given the availability of mirrors. A thorough review of the causes, including a review of potential breaches, is probably more important than getting everything up ASAP.


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