Crayon package output not working in Rstudio Jobs tab

Recently the output from the package 'crayon' which produces colored console and command line text, is not working when code is run as a job, but is working in the console and terminal.

I've tried a fresh install of R and Rstudio but the problem persists

code is run as a job

I didn't understand.

could you please add more explanation?

No Problem.

I'm running the code as a local job in Rstudio, within the 'jobs' tab. If I run the code in console or terminal the colored output by crayon works fine, but if run as a local job the ASCII characters are ignored and there is no colored output.

Image of example below

I have seen the same phenomenon.

As another confirmation, I also checked in the command prompt, which is the terminal screen of windows, and the color came on.


and Rscript too


I'm sorry that I can't help you with the cause.

This is a known issue. Please comment/upvote:

The job system does support colored output; the problem is likely that the mechanism that the crayon package uses to detect whether it's running under a color-compatible console doesn't trigger inside a job.

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I created a reprex & issue for this here.

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