create a check if variable have values to skip codes

I am trying to create a check if value is assigned then execute code other wise the same data frame:

for eg if column name of data frame is assigned values

df6 <- data.frame(name=c("try,xab","xab,Lan","mhy,mun","vgtu,mmc","dgsy,aaf","kull,nnhu","hula,njam","mund,jiha","htfy,ntha","bhr,gydbt","sgyu,hytb","vdti,kula","mftyu,huta","ibdy,vcge","cday,bhsue","ajtu,nudj"),

col_drop <- c("")
df6 <- mutate(df6, email = if_else(BB==TRUE & grepl(col_drop, email), email, NULL)) # skip this line if BB= FALSE or BB= ""

I just want to skip the step if BB = False

just a solution to skip any check if var = "" or var not provided


If I understand you correctly, all you need is a simple if-statement

# skip this line if BB= FALSE or BB= ""
  df6 <- mutate(df6, email = if_else(
                  BB==TRUE & grepl(col_drop, email),
                  email, NULL))

In this case if BB = TRUE the line will run, if BB is FALSE it wont.

You can also create logic with variables other than boolean (TRUE/FALSE) like this

if(var != ""){
 # code to run when var is NOT ""

 # code to run when var is NA. Use is.null() for NULL check

 # code to run when var declared

Of course you can combine any of these so make more complex checks using and (&) or (|) statements

if(! & var != ""){
 # Run code if var is not NA and not ""

Hope this helps,

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