Create a columnlist with a chr vector

I have a chr vector like this:


Lucas,2,3 would be the same client. Luciano,1,5 would be a different one and so on.

I created two vectors, where i define the limits of each client.


I need to map them in a column list. So I have one column for each client. And if i would click it, i would open each clients matrix.

In this case, I imagine one columnlist, with three rows. If i would click Lucas's list i would have

Lucas 2 3

And Luciana

Luciana 2 3 4 5

There is any way i can do this with map?

Hey cereghetti,

Is this still your HEM database?

Yes, you can do this with map2 like this map2(start, end, ~t[.x:.y])

Hi again, @jmcvw. Thank you, that did the trick.

Yes, I am still working on that. I am playing poker in a new place where I need to edit my poker hands in .txt to be able to track them in Holdem Manager

By the way, I was really busy last weeks so I could not code at all. Yesterday I was able to read a solution you posted four weeks ago to my previous question. Today I could solve that problem thanks to you. You helped me twice in a row! You are amazing.

Thank you!!!

Wow! Now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Nah, I've just got time on my hands right now, and I'm hoping you'll do some cool analysis with you poker hands. I've been thinking of taking it up again myself to see if I could do something cool too.

Thas nice! There is nothing like poker.
I am still a newbie, so we will have to wait a few months till I can do something usefull, but I will share if i find anything interesting.
At the moment I have been doing some Machine Learning models to predict if a player is a winner/looser based on its stats. it has been fun, but I did not reach any consistent result so far.

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