Create a watermark image like in ImageMagick with Magick or other libraries in R

Is it possible to create, with Magick or other libraries in R, a watermark transparent image as with ImageMagick with the following code?

convert -size 420x100 xc:transparent -font ComicSans -pointsize 50 \
-fill black -annotate +24+64 'Copyright' \
-fill white -annotate +26+66 'Copyright' \
-fill transparent -annotate +25+65 'Copyright' \

I posted the same question also here:

I would like to add that with magick it is possible to achieve a similar effect with the function:

image_annotate(img, "my watermark", gravity = "northwest", location = "+70+220",
               degrees = -30, size = 80, font = truetype_path, color = "#FFFFFF66",
               strokecolor = NULL, boxcolor = NULL)

However, the text added does not look transparent like with ImageMagick

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