create new column with specific row names after some interval

Dear R users,

I have data frame of 100 points. Now I want to create one new column (e.g. experiment) with first 50 row names "math" and last 50 row names "physics".

I am using rep() but still not able to do that

data.frame(rep("math",100)) -> PB$experiment

The given code taking whole data points, it's not taking half 50 c(1:50)

Could you please provide some information on that.


Your example code does rep("math",times=100), meaning it gives you "math" a 100 times. You probably want: rep(c("math", "physics"),each=50).

Thanks for the reply. But it's not working.

is there any possibility to give names by selecting rows such as [,c(1:50)]
I mean If I want to give 1st 10 row as "math" and remaining 90 rows as "physics" then how can we do that.

rep(c("math", "physics"), times = c(10,90))

Thanks it worked :slightly_smiling_face:

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