Create spectrograms of wav files and save as jpeg

I am a masters student working with dolphin acoustics. I have very little coding experience and am looking for help with a problem. I have thousands of short (4 sec) wav files of dolphin whistles I would like to save as jpegs to ease analysis.

I was wondering if anyone had code or could produce code in either MATLAB or R to load .wav files from a folder and save each one individually as a jpeg. The fft I am looking for would be 1024. All files are 4 seconds and at 96kHz.

Thanks Jack

The bioacoustics and dynaSpec packages seems to have support for this kind of activity.

Learn more at These packages aren't on CRAN, but do appear to be under active development (and cran gives an archived message about bioacoustics when I visit their page, which is confusing to me).

There is also some hints here :+1:

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