Create table as scientific papers format in R

Hello Posit Community,

I would like to create a table as scientific papers format in R . Once I have done the regressions (ie Multiple Linear Regression) I always had to transfer the results (betas, confidence interval etc) to Word. At most, I have used the "jtools " library but it don't let me customize the table like the one I attached in the photo where I only want to show the exposure variables and the outcome (the confounders variables are hidden).

Does anyone know how to customize the table at that level? or at least some idea of a tutorial where to start and that has a good ending; where it is not necessary to continue editing the table in Word.

Take a look at the stargazer and modelsummary packages.


I second @ startz's suggestion but what style manual or style manuals do you regularly follow?

I think {gtsummary} is what you are looking for.

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