Creating a one-column slide in Powerpoint via Jupyter and Quarto

I am trying to use Quarto to render a Jupyter notebook to Powerpoint slides. I would like to render one slide as a "Content with Caption" slide, which is the style intended for single-column slides with both text and non-text, as per the Quarto docs on Powerpoint.

How can I generate both text and a graph in the same column in Jupyter, in a way Quarto will recognize?

Using the default Pandoc Powerpoint template, I have tried:

(markdown chunk) text
(code chunk) graph

which renders as a two-column slide

(code chunk) print('my text as a string')

which also renders as a two-column slide (with code formatting for the text now)

(markdown chunk)
:::: {.columns}

::: {.column width="100%"}
(code chunk)
(markdown chunk)


which prints the text as intended in a single column but omits the graph entirely.

Is it possible to do this? Thank you. And yes, "use the Quarto editor in RStudio instead of using Jupyter" would be a great solution but is not an option available to me; I have to use Jupyter for this.

(this is a crosspost of a StackOverflow question that didn't get any responses; hoping there's a higher concentration of Quarto users here!)

Can you ask this question in quarto-dev/quarto-cli · Discussions · GitHub ? thank you

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