Creating a time serie - help I am a beginner :) -

Rate		              Px
0,3555%	                  0,9964

I would like to calculate column 'Px(t)' which is Px(t-1) * (1-Rate(t)).
So Px(t-1) = 1 and Rate(t) = 0.3555%.
Excel: 1 * (1-0.3555%)

I think you would be better learning how to properly ask for help first, so, maybe you want to read this reprex: What’s a reproducible example (reprex for short) and how do I do one? and then came back here and refrase your question.

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Thanks, I thought I could attach an Excel file. That would be much easier.

You can use datapasta with reprex to include a small sample of your data (a few rows is fine), see the writeup here:

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