Creating and filtering within a date range

Hey all!

I come across problems like this quite regularly and it is one that I always have troubles wrapping my head around for the best tidyverse solution.

Take the example data below:

data <- tibble::tribble(
       ~id,                     ~date,            ~event,
  12345678, "2016-10-14 02:09:50 UTC", "Event A Opt Out",
  12345678, "2016-10-14 02:09:56 UTC", "Event B Opt Out",
  12345678, "2017-11-20 12:20:17 UTC",  "Event B Opt In",
  12345678, "2017-11-20 12:20:41 UTC",  "Event A Opt In",
  87654321, "2016-03-12 09:22:19 UTC", "Event B Opt Out",
  87654321, "2017-08-17 11:48:42 UTC", "Event A Opt Out",
  87654321, "2017-08-17 11:49:02 UTC",  "Event A Opt In"

What is the best tidyverse solution to determine date ranges of when each ID was opted in/out for each event?

The end goal is to be able to join back to other data (by id) and a date to see if that id was either opted in or out at that time.

Is creating lubridate intervals and filtering by %within% the best solution? Or what are some other recommendations?

Yes I think this would be a clever solution.


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