creating name badges/label cards using R

Is it possible to create name badges/label cards/business card using R?

I know one can make business cards using pagedown ( but that seems to create a single card on the "page", whereas I am looking to create something similar to the Labels sheet that one can make in Word, so 10-20 labels/badges per page. Is there a package/mechanism for that?


It should be feasible with pagedown, CSS/JavaScript (but not yet implemented in pagedown).
If you need to repeat a rectangular card, we can modify the business card template.
We also can do some fancy shapes with CSS if you prefer (
We would be pleased to help you. Please, tell us by opening an issue on pagedown

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Thank you -- that is so kind of you. I will open the issue on pagedown at the link you specified. thanks again!

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For reference, this continue there

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