Creating plot based on selected/searched-for table rows

Hi, I have a similar problem, but my renderDT() has formatting using datatable(). How do I replace the data using a dataTableProxy() and replaceData() in this case? I can't get it to work. Thanks.

output$foo <- DT::renderDataTable({
					  options = list(lengthChange=FALSE, ordering=FALSE, searching=FALSE,
					  			   columnDefs=list(list(className='dt-center', targets="_all")),
					  			   stateSave=TRUE, scrollX=FALSE, paging=FALSE, info=FALSE),
					  class = "nowrap cell-border hover stripe",
					  rownames = FALSE,
					  selection = "none",
					  editable = FALSE
					  ) %>%
			DT::formatStyle('Sepal.Width', `text-align`="center")

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