Creating R Markdown Custom PowerPoint Templates

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I am attempting to creat a R Markdown PowerPoint Presentation using my own Template but I'm getting the following error:

output file:
pandoc.exe: NGA_16_9_Template.potx: openBinaryFile: does not exist (No such file or directory)
Error: pandoc document conversion failed with error 1
Execution halted

In PowerPoint I created a .pptx and save it to my Custom Office Templates (.potx). Then created a black R Markdown PowerPoint file.

title: "My Title"
author: "My Name"
date: "3/8/2021"
reference_doc: My_Template.potx

But not sure if "reference_doc" should be *.pptx or *.potx. Either way it errors out. Does that command know to pull from my custom templates. Can this even be performed?


Try using .pptx.

What version is your rmarkdown? 1.9 or higher is required.

I have done this with Word templates and have saved the files as normal Word rather than a template. I have just changed the heading styles and all of the other parameters.

RStudio: version 1.4.1103
R version: version 4.0.3
R Markdown: version 2.7

I think I know what the problem is . Apparently the powerpoint slide template (*.pptx not *.potx) needs to reside in the same directory of the *.Rmd file. I also think my template maybe a bit to complicated as RStudio doesn't seem to like it.

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The powerpoint template is processed by Pandoc. It needs by default to reside in the same directory. (or in Pandoc user's data dir). You can specify another directory using --data-dir command switch: Pandoc - Pandoc User’s Guide

This could be passed to Pandoc using a pandoc_args argument in output format, or using a default file (Pandoc - Pandoc User’s Guide)

This is a bit advanced but in case you need it, it can work.