Creating Scatterplot for Multiple Variables

I have a project that I am working on in which I have to interpret a dataset. I am trying to create a graph in which the X is "Year" and Y is "Life Expectancy". The data that is supposed to create the lines is under Measles and Alcohol on the dataset I am using. I have included the dataset that I am using. I am extremely new to R and my professor is not the best at helping so I would very much appreciate someone helping. I have tried to create a scatterplot with ggplot and have tried using a line plot but all I get are errors. I deleted the codes so I didn't include that in this either.

Thank you!

Sorry, I do not understand what you mean by the above sentence in light of you also saying you want to plot Year on the X axis and Life Expectancy on the Y axis.

Also, how do you want to handle the data from different countries?

Do you want a graph of X - Life expectancy and Y- and measles +alcohol? Or with X- Year and Y- Life Expectancy and Z-measles or alcohol?

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