Creating user privileges on RStudio Connect

I followed this article to create user privileges (Shiny - Creating user privileges on RStudio Connect and Shiny Server Pro), which allows you to create a single user or a "manager" user who can see the results of all the single users combined. Does anyone know how to create a user (like the manager in this example), but the manager could see all the individual user's reports? Currently, the "manager" user can only see an aggregate report of the users versus seeing all the individual reports.

Hi Shannon,
This sounds like you need some additional code logic to modify the example script from that referenced article. The way I would approach this would be to modify the if (isManager()) portion of the code so that:

if the user is a manager:

  • display a drop down of salespeople names to select
  • set user == selected name
  • return(salesData[salesData$salesperson == user(),])

This will let the manager impersonate the salesperson for viewing the data.