Cross-reference images in Rmarkdown?

The R Markdown: The Definitive Guide book explains how to cross-reference figures and tables generated by R

Also, bookdown can cross-reference chapters.

However, how do I cross-reference a image I inserted in a Rmd? e.g. with ![Caption](/path/to/file)

I tried adding a labe like this ![Caption](/path/to/file){#label} but it does not recognise it if I try to cross-reference it in text like this \@ref(label)

Any ideas?

Trick is to have (#fig:label) in the caption, as explained in the book.

You could use knitr::include_graphics to be sure it works for all format. (PDF, HTML, ...) or maybe the markdown syntax will work too

title: 'Title'
    keep_md: true

```{r foo, fig.cap = "a figure"}

This is a figure \@ref(fig:foo)

![(#fig:bar) Caption](plot.png)

This is another figure \@ref(fig:bar)

More about figure :


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