Cross Table of 5 Variables

Good day,
I will appreciate your help. I am a new R user.
Kindly, I have a data set as follow (example):
Variables values are as follow:
Var1 bear values (0,1,2,3)
Var2, Var3, Var4, Var5 bear values (0,1,2)

I would like to build cross table that contains all possible values with its count such as follow:
So |0|0|0|0|0| never appear , |0|0|0|2|0| appears 6 times (6 rows) and so on.

I tried both table, crosstab and xtab but couldn't figure it out.

Can you provide so usable sample data? A handy way to supply sample data is to use the dput() function. See ?dput. If you have a very large data set then something like head(dput(myfile), 100) will likely supply enough data for us to work with.

You may also find this useful:

How to produce a
reproducible example (reprex)

if your variables are factors with known levels, then dplyr::group_by* variants can summarise for all levels even non present ones.


(exdf <- data.frame(a=factor(,size=3,replace=TRUE)-1,levels=(0:2)),


group_by_all(exdf,.drop = FALSE) %>% 
  summarise(n=n()) %>% ungroup()

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