Crosstalk issue with plotly upgrade



I have an application where plotly has been upgraded from version 4.5.6 to 4.7.0. The application has two plots that are updated reactively based on a set of selectInputs. The application works normally with plotly 4.5.6 but with plotly 4.7.0, I get the following error:

ReferenceError: crosstalk is not defined tmlwidgets.js%20line%20236%20%3E%20eval:1:24>%20eval:1:24
forEach self-hosted:269:13
this.onValueChange output_binding.js:16:4
this.onValueChange output_binding_adapter.js:21:4
this.receiveOutput shinyapp.js:350:6
this._sendMessagesToHandlers shinyapp.js:547:8
this.dispatchMessage shinyapp.js:533:4
this.createSocket/c.onmessage shinyapp.js:112:6

Any pieces of advice would be highly appreciated...


Did you raise it as an issue on plotly github?

BTW latest v is 4.7.1. You could try updating



No, because I cannot replicate the issue in a small code snippet or application. I was able to find that crosstalk is not initialized for one of the plots used. Yes, thanks for the advice, the latest version on my development machine is 4.7.1 and the issue persists.


Final suggestion. Contact Carson directly explaining issue. I have always found him very helpful