CSV file does not work

I am new to RStudio. I am trying to run one function with (). However, When I choose specific file it does not perform the function and shows error like
scatterplot3d(x= WHEAT_AREA,

  •             y= WHEAT_PRODUCTION_1000_tons,
  •             z= WHEAT_PRODUCTION_1000_tons,
  •             main="3-D Scatterplot Example 1")

Error: object 'WHEAT_AREA' not found

However if i use another file which is given by professor then it does work correctly and bring the 3D graph form the CSV file

R cannot find WHEAT_AREA. How did you assign a value to WHEAT_AREA? Is the name spelled correctly in the call to scatterplot3d or is it possibly Wheat_Area or some other variation?


Thank you for the response.

Somehow the column heading was containing 1000 (numerical value) and it was causing the issue. when I removed the 1000 it worked.

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