Curious, what's the tech stack behind


First, :heart: this community!

As I've been perusing the site, I've noticed lots of neat little features and ideas, which got me :thinking:...

What's the tech stack behind it all?

If the admins / RStudio associates are at the liberty of sharing, then I believe there are ideas/concepts/tooling from this site that could have relevance in shiny, htmlwidgets, and others...


It's discourse (see Make Engine for RStudio Community Open Source, which it already is :tada:)!


Thank you @mara - not sure how I missed that thread! Now I'm wondering if there's a mechanism to close this thread and/or mark it as a duplicate?


In Discourse, when another topic is link inside a topic, as @mara has done, a link is created between the two.
As you see in the other subject

Just for info.